Saturday, February 11, 2012

Are you being used?

The following tweets are from my twitter timeline yesterday. It was inspired mostly by AfricanExport's Debate & Discussion video "How do you know you're being used?" I wanted to do a Video Response, but I was at work so I took to twitter instead. 
I can't tell U how many times I watch YT vids & I swear they are speakin directly 2 me. Last night AE, Sugar & Bronze Goddess got in my azz.

All good stuff of course. I can't speak on the job situation cause ummm, I'm in a situation. But I will speak on ppl taking advantage...

In keepin this 2 photography, when I decided 2 do weddings I was already shootin for 10+ years, but I wasn't confident @ wedding photography

Weddings R perceived as the most important day in a woman's life. I disagree but I respect the expectations of that day. It has 2 be perfect

So I did a few weddings as a gift to build my portfolio. But I needed more. So I took a "job" as an assistant to another photographer.

It's a great way to build your portfolio. I received NO PAY for my first 6 assignments! I was willing to put the work in BUT...

When I started seeing my shots on their online portfolio I said Hold Up. If my work is good enough for you to advertise as your own...

What we have here is a lack of confidence from myself. I get giving my shots to the Bride, but not in your portfolio. Didn't sit well w/ me.

Funny thing. When this person started shooting & charging for weddings they didn't even know about how to use the camera. Bold personality.

I don't have a naturally bold personality. Rather just shoot. But the point is: While I was trying 2 make sure I was good enough 4 weddings

I was working under some1 that knew less about actual photography & more about The Business of Wedding Photography. So I used her for that

Quality will sell, but it never sells more than a savvy personality!


  1. Maximuslyricus: That is oh so true - and something I wished I'd learn long before I actually did

    1. You and me both. The problem with me that I'm very eager to learn and sometimes I sacrifice too much of my time/talent in return. Another lesson learned.



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