Sunday, July 18, 2010

At 35

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I'm not as excited about my birthday as I probably should be but one thing is for sure...I am grateful. At 35 I've been through a few things and have yet to experience a lot of other things. One experience that I wish on no one is having surgery.

Earlier this year, I had a non-cancerous tumor (fibroadenoma) removed from my breast. Anyone that has ever found a lump in their body knows how incredibly scary it is. You hope that it's
nothing to worry about but every time you touch it, you worry. And the word "worry" does not truly encompass the gamut of shit that runs through your mind. Sitting here reflecting this experience, I’m
just grateful. I am grateful for not having to worry about that damn lump anymore and for having a husband that likes to kiss my scars.

At 35, I wished I had a child by now but, I am grateful to still be someone's child. When I woke up this morning I had over 40 messages from Facebook wishing me Happy Birthday... I'm grateful to still be someone's friend. Ugh, why am I getting teary right now, how corny!... but hey, I'm even grateful for the tears. So, while I don't have anything special planned for my 35th Birthday, I feel especially grateful to the 35 years that has not only given, but that has also taken away.

Gone are the thoughts that think there will always be a tomorrow. I know that I better celebrate today with love, dance and photography... cause that's how I like it. Gone are 35 years of youth that has given me 35 years of life. Gone is that cursed tumor that has given me cunning perspective.

As I get older I hope to lose the things about me that are childish and gain things that are child-like. Here's to the bumps, bruises and scars that are sure to happen along the way.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday morning strawberry picking

Once in a while, my brother and I just like to hang out. It's usually not a big deal, just a little brother and sister time. Today we went Strawberry picking at Jones Family Farms. Good times!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Puerto Rico

Wow, I just arrived from having a beautiful vacation in Puerto Rico. It was my first time visiting which made me extra excited because I love visiting places for the first time. I took tons of photos, and I can hardly wait until the weekend to have a better look at them all. One thing is for sure, there is no photo that will do justice to how incredibly beautiful Puerto Rico is. The architecture in Old San Juan speaks to it's history and culture. These are just a few of the photographs that we took. One thing is for sure, I must re-visit P.R again.

I loved the blue cobblestone in Old San Juan.

Puerto Rico, vacation El Parque de las palomas, Old San Juan, cobblestone,

El Parque de las palomas.

About to start walking in Old San Juan. Thank God for Dr. Scholls.

Policia, policia!!!

My corona moment.

Best dessert ever. Tres Leches.

This just about sums up our vacation.


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