Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Summer 2015, Let's Go

A few weeks ago, I took my final for A&P 2. This completes my nursing prerequisites. I got a 92 on my lab final and 97 on my lecture final. Completing this last requirement is a huge sigh of relief for me.

Working and going to school is never easy, but with focus and dedication it's possible to do well. My philosophy was to just go hard until the very end. That being said, I'm finished with this leg of the race and now, I'm on vacation.

Hubby planned a little road trip to Maine and it's the perfect place for me to decompress. This is the first time that I don't have to be in class all summer long. It's kinda weird going so hard studying and then suddenly just stop.

During the summer, I plan on making personal improvement: reading the science section of the NY Times, making two pieces of furniture for our living room; and reading about entrepreneurial projects.

At any rate, this post is just a quick hello to let you guys know that I'm here, I'm well, and I'm looking forward to writing all summer long. It's going to be a great summer.


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