Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Breaking a Social Norm Experiment

Most corporate environments have an expected style of dress that everyone adheres to. Even on casual Friday’s we all know what’s acceptable and what’s not. The corporate environment is one where most people do not want to veer too far from the norm in fear of sticking out.

Social norms are expected shared ideas of what is acceptable behavior within society given a specific context. Breaking a social norm at your place of employment might come with disciplinary actions, but what would happen if you broke a social norm in public. On a sunny Saturday afternoon, I set out to do my chores, while wearing a mint green facial mud mask.

My first stop was Ocean State Job Lot and while I got a few double takes, most people tried not to stare at me, so I'll jump ahead to my Walgreens experience cause I damn near cussed a woman out for acting as if I'm stupid. Here's what went down.


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