Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pastor Blasts Photographer During Wedding and What You Can Learn From This Screw Up

As someone who has been a wedding photographer for a few years, I want to discuss this situation, that should of never happened. First, take a look at this short video.

How this could have been avoided...

Introduce yourself to the pastor/priest/officiant. Each ceremony is different. It's your responsibility as the official photographer to find the officiant before the ceremony to establish: What are the ground rules? Are you allowed to use flash? Is there anywhere that you can't stand?

You're a professional so act like it. The moment the pastor asked the photographer to move, he should have been gone, no discussion! Your role as the photographer is to capture the story, not become part of it. Yes, we all want great shots for our portfolio, but never at the expense of upsetting the couple.

Knowing all the odds and ends of a camera will not make you a great wedding photographer. That's only part of the story. As in any professional environment, you have to know how to act, what's appropriate, when to be humble.

The right equipment at the right time. Using a long lens and/or a wide aperture (at least f/2.8) is part of the reason why wedding photographer is so costly. Lens are very expensive. Most of them cost more than the camera. Had this photographer used a long lens, possible one with a zoom, he would not have to position himself so close to the officiant.

If you are inside of a building and the officiant doesn't want you to use a flash, you need at least a f/2.8 lens. Knowing how to use the lens is only part of the picture. You should know when it's appropriate to choose one over the other not only because of lighting conditions, but also because you have to respect the event.

Was the pastor out of place? In my opinion, it doesn't matter. I'm a huge proponent in taking responsibly for how your actions contributed to a situation. Since I've never been an officiant, I can only speak as a photographer. Whenever I'm asked to shoot a wedding, I feel incredibly blessed to have the responsibility of capturing this families memories. It's your responsibility to create a pleasant experience AND kick-ass photos.

Take every opportunity to create a pleasant experience. Sometimes you have to be assertive, especially when Uncle Bob is holding up his iPhone in the middle of your shot. Dancing between being assertive to Uncle Bob while being pleasant to your client, their family, and their guest is a part of your role. This separates the amateur photographers from the professionals.

What do you think about this situation?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Taste of Mystic 2013 Review

Since I've moved to CT, one of my favorite summer past times are going to food festivals. Hands down, the best food festival is a Taste of Mystic in Mystic, CT. Here are some of the highlights.

FREE Admission. If you're not interested in buying anything, you are welcomed to bring your chair and enjoy the free music. You can also bring your dog, however, you're not allowed to bring the dog into the vendor row.

Wide Range of Food. Mystic isn't just known for it's pizza. I tasted dishes from Jamaica, Vietnam, Thai, Ameican clasics, and so much more.

Time of Year. Early October in New England is gorgeous. The days are not overwhelming hot which makes for a perfect environment to enjoy outdoor activities for all ages.

A Weekend Affair. The festival spans over the course of three days so finding time to go is very convenient.

The Grounds. The absolute best thing about this festival is the location. The green separates Mystic's river and the street of the festival. Children are free to run around while others might decided to side by the dock. Finding a spot to relax is easy.

Hubby and I look forward to this event every year, especially since we can bring Blizzard. Here are a few photos from the day. Unfortunately, I didn't take any photos of the food but I'll be sure to do so next year.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

How to Become More Confident

Dear CandidAnn,

I've been watching your videos for a while now and I have never seen anyone else in my life have amazing confidence like you. I'm the exact opposite and I really need your help. All my life I've been so insecure and its been stopping me from living my life.

I always care and think about what other people think, and I hate that characteristic. Have you ever felt this way growing up? What are some of your experiences? Since you have amazing self confidence can you please make a video or even reply to help me out? I think this topic will be a great Friday Night Confessional (FNC) for this week! I'm going into High School this year and I want to go in and not be insecure about what other people will think about me. Please help me. Thank you :-)


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