Sunday, May 12, 2013

Why I Fell In Love With Photography

Last week, I came across an image that reminded me of why I fell in love with photography, specifically photojournalism.

Keeping in mind that I do not own a television, I had no idea of the devastation that took place in Bangladesh until I saw this New York Times Magazine article.

Albeit, the situation that has taken place in Bangladesh is horrifying, this image grabbed my heart and did not let go. I will never forget this image as long as I live simply because he never let her go. As everything crumbled around him, he never let her go. I thought to myself, "Who would hold me until the very end like that?"

Although I respect the beauty of fashion magazines, with perfect lighting, hair, makeup and fashions to match... that is not what made me fall in love with photography. Yes those images are beautiful but, they are usually far from reality, this image however, is nothing but.

Despite the horrific situation that has unfolded here, what you are looking at is LOVE. A love that grabs hold of you and will... not... let... go.

Wedding photography, is as close as I have been able to get to this type of photojournalism, without fear of risking my own life.

While the historical impact of wedding photography effects only two families, the moments captured, are ones that will make a man run into a burning building because it means that much to him.

I have often said that if I could afford to shoot weddings for free, I would. It's one of the few moments that I feel blessed to have this responsibility each and every time I'm assigned to do so.

Capturing historical moments, great or small, is what my passion lives for.


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