Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How I Survived Chemistry

Now that I've received my final grade, I need to discuss what has been the worst semester thus far. I purposefully waited until I passed the class because even though I received an A, I had to do a lot of self study to earn it.

Additionally, when someone doesn't do well in class, there's the perception that the student didn't try hard enough. The professor's voice frequently overshadows the student and that's not always fair. Professors are experts in their field of study but some lack the ability to teach well.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Wine and Easel Class

Now that Chemistry class is behind me, I was able to spend some free time doing something that I've never done before... Paint! Hubby found a Wine & Easel class that only required us to bring our own bottle.

Many of you are familiar with deals from Groupon, which are great if you live in a city. I live in a very small town in Connecticut and Groupon's suggestions were mainly for activities in New York City, New Haven, and Hartford. Even though, I was born in NYC, I avoid going there as much as possible. I'm just not a city girl. I prefer to stay local, so I was happy to discovered Amazon Local because it functions just like Groupon, but caters to a much more localized area.

Our group included a few couples and a group a girlfriends that enjoyed the evening together. With activities like this, make sure you hang with someone that's outgoing and fun.

You can check out my "masterpiece" below. I'm so tempted to continue painting on my own, but with Microbiology just 2 weeks away, I know I won't have time.

Check out Amazon Local and see what deal and activities are available in our area.

Be sure to drink responsibility and/or have a designated driver.


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