Thursday, August 21, 2014

My Staycation Extraordinaire

It's no secret that I've been saving money like crazy because I'm paying for my education out of pocket. Before the Fall semester starts, I wanted to take some time off just to relax. I felt absolutely no sadness that I couldn't afford an elaborate vacation. I've got something I'm trying to accomplish and I'm focused on getting there.

Hubby and I decided to enjoy activities around town and within driving distance. People come from all over the world to visit New York City so why not take advantage of the fact that we're so close. It's funny how when you're on that daily grind you forget about some of the wonderful things that surround you. Below are a few pics of my relaxing stay-cation (Stay-at-home vacation) just in case you're not familiar with the phrase.

Food Festival

Our first stop was Brooklyn's Smorgasburg Food Festival. I didn't take any pictures but I was so happy to see a Bajan food truck. You know I had to stop by and get some fish cakes, which I haven't been able to get living here in CT. The great thing about this food festival is the variety of food is excellent. If you are a foodie, I recommend that you get there early because some of the lines were long.
Photo from Mr. Cutters Facebook Page

Chicken and Biscuits

As far as I'm concerned, this combination is an abomination but I was outnumbered. I was hanging with my in-laws and they forced encouraged me to try it. We went to Sweet Chick located just a few blocks from the food festival. With a 2-month infant in tow, we simply wanted to sit down and eat together. Surprisingly, and it wasn't so bad after all. I wasn't crazy about the waffles, but the buttermilk chicken was slammin'. I'm even thinking about buying a deep fryer to make some of my own, sans waffles of course.

My in-laws ain't with the whole online thing so I had to block their faces out but they are THE BEST in-laws EVER!!
They actually refer to me as Sis dropping the "in-law" thing all together. I love these faceless people.

The Brooklyn Bridge

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge was something that I've never done before. It was a long day but Hubby encouraged me to go for it since we were already in Brooklyn. We didn't have to be home anytime soon so we enjoyed the moment.

I took this awesome pic on New York's skyline with my little point & shoot camera.
Canon PowerShot G12 • f/5 • 3.2 secs

The Lion King

Hubby surprised me with tickets to see this Broadway play. I LOVED it from the beginning to the end. The cast did an excellent job with the customs, the musical arrangement, the singing. It really was incredible. I don't know how much Hubby paid for the ticket, but I'm sure it a little less expensive on a mid-day / weekday.

Hubby and I acting like children because, why not?
The were a few costume duplicates in the theater. Such incredible detail.

Dragon Boat Festival

Just a few pics from this free festival in Hartford, CT. There was lots of food, music, acrobatics, yoga classes, all for free.


Silver Sands Beach and a Good Book

Being from the Caribbean, I rarely go to the beach in America but I that's something I picked up from my parents. After the festival, we grabbed our beach wear and headed to a local beach in our area. I didn't get in the water but I did enjoy a good book that I borrowed from the library.

We also did some not so exciting things such as: getting my oil changed, going to the movies, and waiting for this delivery ...

There's still much more to do, but it's a start at making this house a home

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