Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Ace Your Next Science Exam With These Strategies

Not cute in this pic? I don't care.
I just scored a 90 on my
Microbiology exam. Booyah!
I really enjoy concise summer sessions, but the flip side is that they are very intense. I just wrapped up Microbiology which was taught as a hybrid course. Hybrid courses meet for lab only, you are responsible for learning the lecture material on your own. It's not hard to understand, but there is a lot of information to learn, memorize, and there's isn't a lot of time to do it all. Time management is essential if you want to do well. Now that it's over, I'm very happy I sacrificed the time to get this out of the way. Here are a few tools I utilized to study.

If you use flashcards, you're really going to like this site. You can create digital flash cards that automatically sync across all your devices. Not to mention, you don't have to walk around with a stack of cards. This free app allowed me to study anywhere I was able carry my cell phone.

The Method of Loci
Have you ever watched a movie that was so outlandish, you couldn't forget it? The Method of Loci is a mnemonic strategy in which you create an outlandish story to the help you remember lots of information in a relatively short period of time. This method really works and it's worth trying it out for yourself.

LG Tone Wireless Bluetooth Headphone
Drill Baby, Drill
Study everyday. Some days you'll have more time than others, but even if it's only for an hour make sure to put the time in. Listen to any available recording multiple times: in the car, on the train, while your cleaning. You'll be surprised at how certain details stick out after listening multiple times. I purchased a pair of bluetooth headphones that I can discreetly listen to lectures while at my desk.

Study, Study, Study, Break, Repeat
I like to break my study sessions into 45 minutes of uninterrupted studying followed by a 15 break. Repeat this as much as possible. There will be times that the information doesn't seem to make sense. I've found that with frequent breaks, my mind had an opportunity to process new concepts.

Extra Credit
Always do extra credit assignments. I don't care how high your grades are, you never know when those extra points will come in handy.

These are some of the things I've done to keep up the good grades. When I learn more, I'll share more. Please be sure to share your tips with me as well. I'm always open to learning how to learn.

While Hubby and the Blizzard are doing this...

... I'm inside studying. Let's be real, it's not all smiles at times.

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