Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mid-Semester Exhaustion

This semester, I'm only allowed to take 1 course: Concepts of Chemistry. I've been blowing through the other prerequisites so quickly, this is the last one needed before I can take 200 level courses. So far, everything is going well with the one exception... I am constantly sleepy.

I'm starting to wonder if the concentrated Winter session has caught up to me or is this something I should be concerned about? I understand the material thus far, and as per usual, I'm 1 chapter ahead of our class. While I'm in class, I'm excited about what I'm learning but as soon as I have a space available to relax, all I want to do is sleep. After I finish my homework, I sleep. Once I've read the next chapter, I sleep. The cycle continues until some ungodly hour in the night when I'm wide awake and surfing the Internet and watching YouTube videos.

Learning is biologically taxing on the body, that's the truth BUT, I have to push forward. I know what this means to me, therefore I make sure to take care of my business first and then reward myself with a nap afterward. At first I felt guilty about taking so many naps. I take pride in being a workaholic (another dumb concept that I need to rid myself of, because life is about balance) but this time I'm going to do something different, I'm going to listen to my body.

What am I doing about it?
Instead of going asleep in the midnight hours on the weekend, I'm going to try to make it to bed before midnight and get up by 8 a.m. I think a regular schedule would prove beneficial to my internal clock.

I've got back into the habit of taking a multi-vitamin once a day.

Drink more water.

Find time to exercise again.

If that doesn't work, then what?
I'll see my doctor. It's pretty much that simple. Until then, I've got to keep on keeping on.

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