Wednesday, January 22, 2014

1 Year After Myomectomy Surgery

It's been over a year since I've had my myomectomy surgery. Many of you have reached out to me, shared your personal stories with me, and have been curious about the long-term recovery process. Once again, what I share on this blog is my experience. I am not a physician. Your experience could be totally different that what I'm about to describe. That being said, here's the deal...

My Surgery took place October 12. I was home for 7 weeks and I went back to work on December 3.

Energy and Exercising
It took a few months for my energy level to return to pre-surgery levels. There were times I felt okay to take on a task but quickly realize that my energy was spent. I didn't force myself. I listened to my body and took it easy on myself. By the time Spring arrived, I was in the gym lifting weights and exercising with no problem. With a surgery like this, you abs are going to be weakened. I started off with light yoga and progressed to more intense ab work, which included squats and dead lifts.

These were taken July 2013, 9 months after surgery

The Scar
My surgeon did an amazing job with my incision. If the scar wasn't so low, I'd post a picture of it. The incisions measures 3 inches, the line is very thin and curves with the natural folds of my body. I could wear a skimpy bikini and you would never notice. My tummy has not been this flat in years. I had no idea fibroids were taking up so much real estate in my body.

Extra Curricular Activities
I followed my doctors instructions. Nothing inside the vajayjay for 6 - 8 weeks. We waited the full 8 weeks and some extra days. If you are married or have a significant other, please remember, you can enjoy each other without penetration. Get creative but more importantly, be patient and be careful. And in case you're wondering, I was able to reach the land of "O" with no pain or problems ;-)

Conceiving Babies
If you've experienced a miscarriage because of complications from fibroids, this is your window of opportunity to attempt pregnancy again. I didn't have my surgery in order to have a baby so I don't have much to share in that regard. Please discuss options with your surgeon and your OB/GYN.

What kind of Fibriods did you have?
My fibroids were pedunculated on the outside of my uterus. Here a picture of my fibroids. The one in the middle was so large, they cut it into multiple pieces to get it out. The ruler on the side is 6 inches long.

Choosing The Right Doctor
I can't emphasis this enough. You HAVE TO be comfortable with your surgeon. I saw 4 different surgeons before choosing. I ask a heap of questions. Educated yourself as much as possible before meeting the Doctor. Sometimes I would ask questions I knew the answer to, just to see what answer they would give me. The way I see it, it's just another day in the OR for them, for me... it's my life!

I thank each of you that have shared your personal stories with me. Sometimes, it's not easy to discuss things that are so personal but I hope that by me sharing my experience, I've helped to ease a bit of the nervousness and anxiety that comes with making such a scary decision.


  1. Hello! My open myomectomy is scheduled for February 17 and I'm so happy I found your blog and youtube videos! I have my pre-op appt on Feb 11 so your posts are giving me lots of ideas for last minute questions to ask my doctor. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    1. I'm glad you've found this infomation useful and best of luck on your surgery.

  2. I can't believe it's been a year already. Very happy to see you doing well and hitting those weights :-)

    1. Thanks Emmy. I know you've been doing great with your fitness goals as well. Unfortunately, since school has started, my exercise regime has been sporadic. I still eat well and I've started juicing again which I love.

  3. Thank you for sharing your story. I was just wondering did your doctor put on any medications before the surgery?

    1. No, I wasn't placed on any med before my surgery but everyone's situation is different depending on where the fibroids are located.



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