Monday, January 5, 2015

How I Jimmy Rigged My Softbox Into A Grow Light

Whenever I use my web cam to make quick videos, I use Alzo 45 watt - Full Spectrum Light Bulbs. They're relatively inexpensive daylight balanced bulbs that fit into most standard sockets. The issue is: they are much longer than a standard CLF bulbs so they might stick out of your light fixture. None of that was my concern because I had a different use for these bulbs, other than video lighting.

While trying to save my husband's spearmint & peppermint herbs, I decided to jimmy rig my soft box into a grow light. I simply replaced my 500 watt photo flood light, with an Alzo light. I also pulled the front curtain of the softbox back . To my surprise, it worked perfectly. I figured that since they are "full spectrum" lights, they should be able to aid these frost bitten herbs back to life. For consistent lighting, I put the soft-box on a timer.

I wish I took earlier pictures when they were brown and frost bitten by the cool overnight fall temperatures. I pruned the leaves back quite a bit so they look really sparse in the before shot. It's been slightly over 1-month and these herbs are looking much healthier. I'll be sure to update this post as they continue to flourish.



Alzo Lights


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