Sunday, October 12, 2014

Is This Product Worth The Frustration Of Working For It?

The rate at which I've been saving money lately is ridiculous. I've always been a saver, but this is like saving on steroids and it's not easy. I'm trying to avoid dealing with Sallie Mae as much as possible. The problem is, I really like to reward myself with stuff, usually makeup... especially lipstick. When I think to myself, "Do I deserve this _____?" The answer will always be "YES", so I had to change the question.

While sitting at my desk, I'll browse the internet for "stuff" that I want to purchase. I'll even put it in my cart so that I can see the shipping & handling fees. I look at the final cost and then I wait. I sit there and I wait for something frustrating to happen at work.

Sometimes the wait is long, other times it's not long before something frustrating happens. It's at this moment that I go back to my shopping cart and ask myself a different question. "Is this ____ worth 2-3 hours of this frustration?" The answer to that is usually "No".

I never ask myself, "Is this worth 1-hour of my time?" and here's why. In order to get to work, I've got to invest in gas for my car and a ticket on the Metro North. That cost money. So, if I want to purchase anything, it's going to cost me money to get to work & the money I make while at work.

I've also been thinking, instead of paying me in currency, how would I feel if at the end of a 2 hours of work, I was handed my shopping cart items. How would I feel happy about that exchange?  Is that ____ still worth it to me? By changing the question and ultimately my thinking, I've felt no way about not engaging in retail therapy.

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