Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Summer in Review

With the exception of the mosquitoes, there isn't much that I don't like about Summer. Summer is my favorite season but while I've been out and about, unfortunately, my blog posts have been suffering because of it. I'm hoping, reeeeally hoping, to make that up by posting more frequently. So we've got a little catching up to do.
Hubby and I at the reception
Love is in the air
I kicked off my Summer with a long awaited wedding. My brother-in-law, got married to a dope ass chick and I was ecstatic to witness their union. Let me tell you, when it comes to in-laws, I hit the jackpot. I don't even like to use the word "in-laws", those are my brothers and sister. Period.

Back To School?
Remember my Social experiment? I gotta an A in that class. I was nervous about my ability to keep up with other student, but this is what I realized: Unlike my first Bachelors degree (English Literature), I'm very clear on what I want out of this. When I got my first degree, I only wanted to be educated amongst my peers in Corporate America. As to what I want out of this degree... that's another blog post for another day.

How's That Hair Doing?
While I was taking that class, I rocked the Mommy wig for almost the entire 8 weeks. It's easily one of my favorite wigs because of the low fuss factor. Over the weekend, I thought about purchasing another one so I walked into my local beauty supply store and saw that they were selling the same wig for $40. I purchase mine online for $25 and I doubt that I paid much for shipping. This really could be an entire post right here, but I'm not gonna go there right now.

I also rocked kinky twist which I installed myself and of course my go to protective style of 2-strand twists with a faux Marley bun. My hair has been thriving and I know it's simply because I've been keeping it simple. To moisturize my hair, I use my own DIY spritz. It's similar to other spritz videos you've seen on YouTube: water, aloe vera juice/gel, and a mixture of oils. I'm also trying to perfect my Shea butter so I'll definitely make a blog/video about that when I feel is ready to be presented.

Myomectomy Update
October 12 will make 1 year since my myomectomy and God willing, I will try my best to do a blog post letting everyone know how I've been feeling. If you have any specific question, please feel free to leave a comment below or leave a message via the "Contact Me" page. One thing I will say is that I've been exercising and I'm coming for J-Lo's abs.

The Ladies In My Life
Some of you might have heard me refer to my father's 1st daughter as my "pseudo sister" and I know that's not the nicest thing to refer to her as but, what do you call someone that's your blood relative yet you don't know this person? Anyway, I gotta tell ya. I have been loving my exchange with the ladies on YouTube, this blog, and on the interwebs via social media. For the brief time that my pseudo sister lived with me (2 years), I loved having a big sister. I loved having someone to look up to and you know what? Even though my pseudo sister isn't a part of my life, I have some amazing ass women that I'm blessed to have in my circle. Let's hope I get my shit together so that I can chat more about the fantastic dynamics of sisterhood.

Death In The Family
On August 12, my mother's sister (my Auntie Cynthia) passed. I was lucky to capture this double rainbow at Niagara Falls, which I will always remember as my family came together during a difficult weekend. I like to see it as part of the rainbow ascending from the family. #RIPAuntieCynthia. Until next time, take it easy folks.


  1. Busy summer lady! I'm so glad that I'm on vacation so that I can read about what I've been missing on your blog. This has been one busy summer for me!

    1. I hope you have a great vacay and finally geting around to crossing that little black dress off your list ;-)

  2. I LOVE the picture of you and hubby! Beautiful!!! <3
    I don't believe its going to be 1 year since your surgery! It too has been a little over 1 year ((June 7th) since my knee surgery... It is amazing. Its already Fall 2013! I am sadden by the early darkness.... boooo!
    Great blog!



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