Sunday, February 3, 2013

Skin That's So So Soft

I'm still learning how to apply makeup, but one thing I know for certain is the importance of starting off with a good foundation. I'm not referring to a 1 oz bottle of cosmetics, I'm talking about your skin.

Maintaining healthy skin is important to me, especially since I'm not getting any younger. I've gotten myself into a regime and I believe that consistency is just as important as product.

I'll hold off on my entire facial care regime for another post, but one thing I do every Sunday night is exfoliate.

I start in the shower with a body scrub. I'm not particular on brands therefore, I usually go for whatever is on sale. The picture below shows a few of my current body scrubs. I literally grabbed these from my shower and my stash, that's why some of the bottles only shows what's left.

After soaping my body and rinsing off, I turn the water off and begin to scrub everything, with the exception of my most private area and my face. Don't make the mistake of forgetting your underarms either. Dead skin cells can accumulate making the skin darker than the rest of your body. I only use my hands to work the scrub into my body.

I'm much more particular about which products I use on my face. I've tried quite a few things over the years and once I found something that worked for me, I stuck to it. Biore's facial scrub works wonders for me, especially since I'm always battling acne and it contains the acne treatment, salicylic acid. The process is pretty much similar in that I cleanse my face first before using the scrub.

Stepping out of the bathroom, I moisturize my face and body. I immediately feel the difference in my skin. Don't you just love Instant Gratification.

As always, keep in mind that everything is not going to work for everyone. My face is more sensitive than the rest of my body. It took a few misses before I was able to find my hits.


  1. I need to exfoliate! I keep saying I'm going to make some over the weekend and then the weekend passes and I don't do it. I used to have some exfoliating gloves from Bath & Bodyworks that I liked. Maybe I'll make some this weekend. I do have olive oil and brown sugar in the kitchen.

  2. You do have beautiful skin! Thanks for sharing your regime.



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