Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How to: Party Photo Booth for Events

Shooting a party or celebration? Here's a fun way to break the ice with guests while creating lasting memories for your client.

A photo booth is an inexpensive way to add fun photographs to an event. The idea comes from traditional booths you would see at a fair. Remember inserting $1 into the machine and taking a few funny photos with a friend? Borrowing from that concept, I re-created the photo booth idea at this wedding and no, an actual booth is not needed. Here's what you do...

If possible, look for a non-distracting wall to set up. You don't need a lot of space, just the right space. Once you find the correct exposure, the only thing left to do is engage the guests to have fun while you snap away. To make things exciting, add a few items from your local party supply store. Guests are sure to have a blast making it easy for you to capture wonderful memories for your client.

Nikon D700 • ISO 100 • F-stop 5.6 • Shutter speed 1/125 • Lens Nikon 18 - 200mm • 1 light diffused through umbrella


  1. OMG! This post was perfect! My little sister is getting married in September and she told me she wanted to have a photo booth at the reception. However, it's like $900 for 3 hours for one of those things! Ridiculous! I have to share this post with her. She plans to have a professional photographer there, so should she explain this idea to that person?

    1. Absolutely. Feel free to share this post as much as you like. I think the idea behind a photo booth still carries through even if you don't have the actually "booth". You can also do a search and to see some of the fun items other photographers have used to make it fun for the guests.

    2. It's such a great idea. My sister was definitely inspired when she read your blog post. Thanks for sharing.



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