Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Donating blood to myself for surgery

I am scheduled to have an abdominal myomectomy on October 12. My surgeon informed me that I might need a blood transfusion because sometimes patients loose a lot of blood during the surgery, therefore I decided to donate my blood to myself.

I met Winsome, RN, at the Yale Apheresis Center on October 1 for my first donation. I'll have to make two donations before my surgery, so I'll be back there on October 8. Not only was Winsome a strict professional but she made me laugh and I felt confident in her skills. Boy did she get on my tail for not eating breakfast before donating but once she checked my blood count, twice I might add, she decided it was safe for me to donate that day.

When someone loves their job, it makes a world of difference. While I'm out recuperating, I will be doing a lot of thinking about perusing more things in life that make me happy. I have my fair share of "would of, should of, could of" just like everyone else, but I'm hoping to throw more caution to the wind and allow myself the freedom to dream a bigger dream for myself. I don't care if all I do is shoot photos and make YouTube videos, if it makes me happy and I'm not hurting anyone, why not do it?

The upside to giving my blood is that I get to eat a bit of red meat to replenish my iron. I went to Whole Paycheck Foods over the weekend to get a steak. It's the only place that I know of that has 100% grass fed, no hormone, no antibiotics meat. One thing is for sure, at $22.99/lb, I definitely will not be a regular meat eater but good Lawd, did it taste good.


  1. That's awesome I wish you the best. Do what your heart says

    1. I HAAAATE going to the hospital, like most people, but I have to tell you her pleasant attitude really made a difference. Hopefully everything will go just as well on Friday.



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