Monday, September 10, 2012

A lesson from Jane

While I was working at Lehman Brothers, there was an older white woman named Jane Edelman. I never dared to ask how old she was, but I'm sure she could have qualified for Social Security. When Jane's husband passed, she decided to go back to work. She wanted to show her children, that she was not going to just sit down and die. She was still an active player in this thing called life.

Jane somehow overheard me talking about trying to fix my credit. She pulled me to the side and gave me this advice. She told me to get a private loan from a bank. She didn't care if it was $1,000 or only $500. Neither did she care which bank I got the loan from. She told me that once I got the money, put the entire amount into a savings account. When the payments were due, I should pay the bank back their own money. The interest would have to come out of my pocket, but that was the price I had to pay to get positive credit history.

When you are looking for information, do not discriminate who gives it to you. I'm not saying to just take advice from anyone. But don't write off people that you might not have initially thought of. Keep your mind open. You are not looking for a best friend; you are looking to learn from anyone friend or foe! Lessons are everywhere.


  1. You never know where nor from who you'll get good advice!

    1. My sentiments exactly. Just like you can't judge a book by its cover.

  2. yep. Jane gave some good advice; I did that when I first started out. And the other side is that those prepaid credit cards can hurt your credit rating: so watch out for those. Thanks for sharing.



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